6 Crazy Simple Ways to Promote your Explainer Video

You probably have that nicely done explainer video that does justice to your brand image. The only problem is that very few people are watching it. When done right and leveraged well, explainer videos will not only help you in building great brand equity but also bringing better conversions for your business. To fully optimize the power of the explainer video, you have to learn how to do right. Here is how to:

Put it above the fold on your website

Explainer videos, like any marketing video, are meant to be placed above the fold. Why bury it with bodies of text if it meant to deliver where text has failed? No one is going to watch your explainer video if you put below the fold or bury it in some lonesome landing page. It ought to be the first thing that your customers are going to see when they visit your website homepage. Most visitors are also accustomed to short video introductions of products before they delve deeper into the production description so if it is missing there, you are potentially missing out on a great conversion value. Continue reading “6 Crazy Simple Ways to Promote your Explainer Video”