6 Crazy Simple Ways to Promote your Explainer Video

You probably have that nicely done explainer video that does justice to your brand image. The only problem is that very few people are watching it. When done right and leveraged well, explainer videos will not only help you in building great brand equity but also bringing better conversions for your business. To fully optimize the power of the explainer video, you have to learn how to do right. Here is how to:

Put it above the fold on your website

Explainer videos, like any marketing video, are meant to be placed above the fold. Why bury it with bodies of text if it meant to deliver where text has failed? No one is going to watch your explainer video if you put below the fold or bury it in some lonesome landing page. It ought to be the first thing that your customers are going to see when they visit your website homepage. Most visitors are also accustomed to short video introductions of products before they delve deeper into the production description so if it is missing there, you are potentially missing out on a great conversion value.

Email it to your existing customers

Want to turbo-charge your email marketing campaign? There is no arguing with this, you just have to look at the stats of the CTRs in order to appreciate the power of integrating your explainer videos in email marketing: emails that have been sent with video content generally see a 100% boost in the CTRs. By just incorporating the word “video” in your email subject line, you are going to see anywhere from 7-13% increase in the open rate. So why wait? Add your marketing video in your newsletter or email updates and see your impact increase effortlessly.

Promote the explainer video on your blog

It is not just powerful content marketing that is good for your SEO. Video is also strong in SEO. Because Google generally displays at least a single video result amongst many other search results, it helps if you have your explainer videos on Youtube well optimized for the search results by incorporating the right keywords and accurate descriptions. Video can form an integral part of your content marketing strategy. Google loves a steady stream of content and ranking your videos alongside your content gives you a double advantage in marketing.

You can post to your blog at least twice or three times a week and find a way of making the video relevant to your blog post. For example, you can post a reminder like, “and hey, have you watched our latest marketing video?” This will make the visitors stay longer on your site to watch your videos and you can also share your video multiple times without boring your readers when it is embedded in varied content. It is important to understand the significance of your visitors staying longer on your site; search engines use that to determine the authority and relevance of your website. If people are staying longer, then you must be delivering on their needs. These combination of factors is going to boost your organic rankings in the SERPs over time and deliver more conversions.

Create a landing page

An explainer video placed on a landing page adds an extra punch to your conversions. It delivers conversion power because it passes the message. The attention spans have been decreasing over the past few years and videos remain some of the most effective ways of increasing user attention. Explainer videos on landing pages can boost conversions by as much as 20%. Many businesses that integrate them on their landing pages inevitably see their conversion rates and revenues growing steadily.

Facebook video ads

On Facebook, you can simply post it as an update or “boost” it in order to see the widest reach in the shortest time possible. Encourage comments from your fans so that you can encourage brand engagement. Apart from Facebook ads, you can also do Google Adwords and even Youtube ads. You can run these ads campaigns for a few weeks and you will begin seeing the video begin scaling up the rankings in the SERPs. It is one of the unintended positive consequences of running an ad campaign.

Social Shares

Try to be social about your videos. Remember that you have an incentive to have as many people as possible watch your video, especially if it is a sleek video that portrays your brand in a good light. It is going to contribute positively towards building your brand equity. Make sure you share your videos on all major social media channels where you have a presence such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and many others.

So there it is: a simple strategy to promote your explainer videos and unlock numerous other benefits for your business. You don’t have to pick one technique. You can apply all these simultaneously and make your videos go viral in a way that you never imagined.



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