custom explainer video advantages

A Competitive Advantage of a Custom Explainer Video

When animated videos first became available on the internet, this was a fresh change for the audience. However, people’s perspective has changed now and nobody wants to take the pain to go through lengthy content pages. Animated video helps you understand the concept behind the video with ease. However, opting in for an animated video can turn out to be an expensive choice. Thus you have to consider the pluses and negatives of having an animated video on your website. You should also remember the aspect that if an animated video does not have quality then it can take away your customers. Let us try to decipher the concept of animation videos to understand this better.

Why animated videos are the best choice to promote your services or products

If you have defined a budget for an animated explainer video then let me tell you that it is the right thing to do. Animated explainer video can prove to be quite a useful marketing tool and we will just look at the reasons.

  • When you want to beat your competitors then you need to have great quality animated explainer videos. When you have invested time and effort in creating a quality animated video then the characters will look alive and the customer will be able to understand the concept of the video in a better way.
  • If you are looking for return on investment then you should consider making animated explainer videos. This will help you to establish a direct connection with your audience. When the video will look appealing to the customer, he will be keen to watch the complete video. This will eventually help to build a bond of trust between you and your customer.

Things to remember when designing an animated video for your offering

Remember that if you designing an animated explainer video then you need to be very careful. The reason is that if the video is not well-made, it will have a very negative impression on the customer. He would feel that you have not put in the required effort. Never opt for template based videos. Well this can lead you to a lot of trouble. The template based video might not cost you much in the beginning, but it will cost you a lot eventually and it will be tedious to achieve the marketing results that you need.

Comparing template animated videos and custom animated explainer videos

It is essential to refrain from template based videos. If you need to know the reasons to refrain from template based videos then let us compare animated explainer videos and template based videos. This will help you to understand the point of view in a better way.

The following picture is a template based video, but it does not get lasting results.

  • Customised animated videos are the latest trend. However, their production time is longer in comparison to template based videos. If you wish to achieve long-term results then those are possible only with customised animated videos.
  • The customised animated videos are designed with a clear strategy. There is a narration for actual audience. Animated explainer video gives a clearer perspective. Even the designs and colours are selected specifically to address the requirements of the video. This much effort is not put in template based videos. You need to remember the fact that when you are making a customised animated video then it is a one-time effort. It will help the customer draw an impression about your product or service so you cannot let things go wrong.
  • The most important aspect to understand is that animated explainer video gives the client the needed insight about your product or service. Most customers want to gather detailed information about the offering before they make an investment. Thus the custom animated video needs to address their queries. A template animated video can never make an impact as animated explainer video can. The animated explainer video gives you the opportunity to communicate with your customer.

All the aspects mentioned above should convince you to come up with your custom animated explainer video. Every customer is important and one customer can help you get hold of many more. Do not opt for the shortcuts. Invest time and effort in focusing on the every little detail of explainer animated video. The customer should get the feel that you value him and have taken care while designing the video. Once the video impresses the client then your mission is accomplished. Market your brand the correct away and invest on custom animated explainer video today.


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