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Top 5 Secrets to Increase Your Landing Page Video Views

Internet users are more attracted to videos than they are to blocks of texts. In simple terms, a person would rather spend 10 minutes of their time watching a video than read content that will only take them 3 to 5 minutes. Statistics indicate that videos will attract about 69% of consumers using the internet by 2017.

If you have a business website, which is a must in today’s world, you should include a video especially in the landing page. Without a video, your website will be missing a lot of benefits and this will be one of the reasons your competitors are beating you in your own game.

Why A video?

Most users have an attention span of about 8.25 seconds on average and this means that you need something to capture their attention before they are distracted by other less important elements on the website. Good videos have the ability to improve your conversion rate by a whopping 86%.

This is not to discourage you but not all videos will be interesting. That said, you need to think through the video you will be posting on your landing page because it needs to be something the user will consider interesting and worth sharing. Invest some money and time in the video and it will be worth it.

What Are Landing Page Videos?

Landing page videos are the simple short videos, usually between 1 and 2 minutes long that provide more information about your website, services and products in an engaging way. Now that you understand what a landing page video is, let us jump into the secrets that will improve the videos viewership.

1. Avoid the Use of Auto Play

You know how people hate hard selling? Well, when you’re landing page video is set on auto play, your target customers will feel as if you are hard selling to them. They might be interested in whatever information is on the video, but users love being in control including having the choice of playing a video or ignoring it. If you must use auto play, contextual silent videos will do a good job and will be great replacements for your images.

2. Your Video Should be at the Center of Attention

As you incorporate the video in the landing page, make sure everything else is revolving around it. This means that it should be placed in a position where the visitors will obviously see it. Make it as obvious as possible and everyone will want to click on the play button once they land on your website. Disguising your landing page is a big mistake. Make it easy to see and easy to play.

3. Make a Sweet but Short Video

Keeping in mind that visitors have a short attention span, you need to speed up the explanations but make them interesting. The secret here is to keep things under 2 minutes because you can explain a great deal of offers in this period. The existence of the video is to reduce the time the visitors use to go through the copy and a long video will be pointless.

4. Quality is Crucial

This can go without being said but we will still say it. Having a camera does not necessarily mean you can chuck out a good video. Professional Videos will get you more views and better conversion rates. Have a good script that has no pauses and awkward breaks. If you cannot do this perfectly on your own, work with a professional who will include professional graphics and make a high quality video. You will see the results in the viewership and the conversion rate.

Just in case you feel as if the video will distract your target audience, go for Gifs. Gifs will always be playing in a loop and this will greatly help in the demonstration of how your products and services work.

5. Test The Videos

Always remembers that what you might think is right for your target customer might not turn out to be what they are looking for. For this reason, you need to test your videos and change a few things and see how they perform.

Some of the things that you might want to test include but not limited to the length of the video, the use of auto play or click to play, live vs. animation videos, click to play vs. background full-screen videos, and videos vs. gifs.


Bonus tip

Upload the right version of the video because some versions might take long to play especially when the user is on a slow connection and this means they will not watch your video.

The future of online marketing using websites lies in landing page videos. You do not have to be left behind especially now that you have some of the secrets that will increase your landing page views.


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